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Business Process Proxy to break the wall between legacy and modern enterprise systems

Kraków, December 18th, 2023

First Byte, developer of RPA-class software Wizlink®, and Onteon Tech, maker of the Onteon application platform and Artifex Middleware system, have established cooperation.

The purpose of the cooperation is to prepare a joint offering called "Business Process Proxy."

"Business Process Proxy" is a response to the needs of customers whose technological debt and limited budget prevent them from launching modern services.

Many companies still use applications and systems that can only be accessed through old graphical interfaces or in terminal mode. These systems are often critical to the organization, but lack the ability to exchange data and automate in a programmatic manner. Business processes in such applications are run manually, and data exchange with the rest of the systems is significantly hampered.

By combining RPA Wizlink® and Artifex Middleware, it becomes possible to automate these processes and make them available as services through modern API. They can then be integrated into an enterprise-wide architecture and integrated easily and quickly into existing business processes.

The "Business Process Proxy" solution hides the technology debt from the rest of the systems and facilitates integration, as all communication with "legacy applications" is done through APIs, standard in modern systems.

About First Byte

First Byte Ltd. was founded in 2009. Since its inception, the company has been developing competence as a developer of RPA class software. The company's key staff has been conducting research and development in this area continuously since 2009, which resulted in the creation of a proprietary process robotization tool called Wizlink®, with which it is possible to build scenarios for so-called software robots expressly and without programming knowledge. Currently, dozens of customers are using the technology. These include large organizations, SME companies and small entities, both in the private and public sectors. The organizations operate in various industries and the robots are used in different areas, among which can be distinguished: accounting, legal departments, logistics, production or management control.

About Onteon Tech

Onteon Tech was founded in 2014. From the beginning, it has operated as a "deep tech" company building its own products. The first was the microservices platform JLupin Platform, followed by the Onteon application and container platform. With these technologies, the company is able to quickly build and deploy modern systems. In addition, the company develops two applications - Artifex Middleware, a middleware/enterprise service bus software, and Hetman, a software that automates the execution of tasks and processes in an IT environment. In addition, the company provides IT services and develops custom systems. Onteon Tech works mainly with medium-sized clients in the private sector.


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