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Can Onteon Disrupt The Distributed Architecture Development Status Quo?

Applications that dynamically scale stand the best chance of success when built using a distributed architecture. For most businesses operating in the digital realm, there’s no question about this. But have we heard the last word on how to build and maintain modern distributed architecture applications? According to the creators of the distributed architecture application platform Onteon, the answer is a clear no.

Those words from Onteon Tech, the maker of Onteon, have now been backed up with a program of software releases and customer support. To begin this program, on October 20 2021, the company released Onteon version 1.0.

Piotr Róg, CEO of Onteon Tech, says:

“The fragmented, multi-vendor approach to constructing a distributed-architecture application environment provides us with many opportunities to offer improvements and bring benefits to businesses seeking an optimized, modern route to distributed applications, including microservices.”

So what is Onteon? Onteon is a software stack built to orchestrate, scale, communicate, and manage modern and legacy applications efficiently and effortlessly. It works with containerized or non-containerized applications. It runs on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid. It was developed from scratch.

Onteon was built to address these problems:

  • Use of overly-complex IT environments to develop, deploy and manage applications.

  • Platforms that address legacy, containerized and microservices applications differently - and may not support some of them at all.

  • Insufficient service levels for availability and performance.

  • Excessive budgets are needed to operate and manage distributed architecture applications.

  • Lack of unification in the IT environment results in low levels of transparency and control for managed applications.

  • Lack of highly-optimized hardware environments for applications such as IoT and edge.

Piotr Róg explains his viewpoint:

“To fully address these problems and provide a solution that is highly accessible to all types of teams, we needed to take an approach that was markedly different from that used by other platforms. Consequently, Onteon is a single technology, designed entirely in-house, rather than a collection of interconnected open-source components.”

Onteon was born with big ambitions: to disrupt the status quo where huge tech companies lock businesses into a subset of technologies for the long-term, with no regard to their specific suitability. In this David and Goliath contest, Onteon has now picked up its sling, loaded with news of the substantial benefits of its solution for those that use it. These claims include:


up to 90% faster

Shorten months into days and conserve funds


by up to 40%

Due to lower demand on hardware resources


Energy efficiency without the extra effort


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