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Onteon Tech and NetActuate - Effortless Microservices for Everyone

At Onteon Tech, we realise partnerships are vital for bringing efficient microservices, effortlessly, to ever-growing numbers of software teams. Consequently, we’d like to make you aware of the partnership between Onteon Tech and NetActuate, a leading provider of global network and infrastructure services.

Increased performance for applications everywhere

Application developers need fast, reliable end-to-end solutions for application development and global edge delivery. NetActuate and Onteon Tech have teamed up to provide developers with the innovative solutions they are looking for. NetActuate's global infrastructure and anycast network services provide low-latency edge delivery to end-users worldwide, while Onteon's streamlined microservices design allows developers to increase intra-application performance.

The effortless route to microservices

Onteon provides developers with a powerful alternative to complex, container-based deployments. Onteon is a fully-featured, streamlined solution that addresses a wide range of developer needs, from the migration of monolithic legacy applications to modern microservices architecture to the rapid development of new applications.

Using Anycast for upgraded layer 7 optimization

Significant performance improvements and reductions in latency become possible when applications running in Onteon deploy on NetActuate's global infrastructure, anycast platform, and optimized network. This combination gives end users around the world a fully optimized experience. Developers can benefit from a streamlined solution for application development and deployment by combining Onteon Tech and NetActuate's services, which includes code libraries, microservices, automation, monitoring, and purpose-built infrastructure, BGP anycast, and one of the world's largest peer networks. Through this partnership, we look forward to empowering many more development teams and businesses around the world.

You can find out more about Onteon Tech’s products here and NetActuate’s services here. Like this topic and want to hear more? Check out these links or sign up for our newsletter.

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