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We make the complicated IT application infrastructure world simpler and more understandable.


Check out dedicated Hetman for OVHcloud page


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Onteon is a software stack for orchestrating, scaling, communicating and managing all kinds of applications: modern, legacy, containerized or native, efficiently and effortlessly.
It is a lightweight alternative to Kubernetes.

JLupin Platform

A lightweight microservices platform for all JVM-based languages and OS processes.

Orchestrate your applications on one or many nodes without the central brain - no master node necessary.


Automation tool for various infrastructure tasks.

From scripts launching, through direct code execution, to native and containerized applications triggering.

Packaged self-hosted

Download, install and use well known open source products from one package, including all dependencies. Simple, fast and easy to use. Plus health checking and self-healing.

Saves valueable time.

Artifex Middleware

A modern middleware to integrate your and third-party systems. Delivered with a dedicated set of banking microservices. Clustered architecture provides high-availability for technical and business microservices.

Let us know your needs and thoughts on packaged software products

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