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Artifex Middleware

Artifex Middleware is a platform that speeds up any integration project. It's written from scratch in a microservice distributed architecture. Artifex Middleware offers ready to use set of universal microservices for any integration project and set of microservices built for a fintech. It offers modern API to connect third party systems. It includes lightweight database to store operations and configuration, which can also be used for other data. Artifex Middleware is delivered on a clustered environment - Onteon, which provides high availability, health checking and self-healing for middleware services. It's very fast and light - it doesn't use containers. Neverethless customers can add their own services based on native applications or containers.

With Artifex Middleware you:

  • gain the ability to easily integrate between your various systems, as well as with third party systems via API, no matter where they are located

  • have better control over development of systems, their modifications or replacements and migrations

  • standardize system integration mechanisms

  • increase transparency and manageability of IT systems

  • have greater flexibility in the selection of new systems and cooperating companies

  • increase the level of IT services provided to systems

  • gain more insights to identify problems with communication between systems, applications and suppliers

  • reduce the time to implement new services

Integrate legacy into your business processes
  • Automate old applications

  • Use Artifex Middleware as API gateway to RPA

  • Connect your modern systems with legacy ones without coding

  • Works with any applications, including terminals, DOS/Windows, web applications

Who benefits most?
  • Companies that have many systems, mostly on-premises, and want to have agile integration capabilities

  • Companies that don't want to go to the cloud with their core business, but want use the cloud services in connection with their systems

  • Companies that want to migrate their systems and keep business continuity

  • Software houses and technology startups, that want to save time and money in their projects, no matter if they are in the cloud or on-premises

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