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Onteon Tech is an IT company boasting profound technological expertise. We specialize in technology development, encompassing systems, applications, and architectural knowledge. Our approach to product and system development integrates this expertise with industry best practices in software development.

Our services include:

  • Assisting in the transformation of IT organizations to align with evolving realities and environmental requirements.

  • Facilitating the design or redesign of complex systems.

  • Implementing effective programming methodologies, teamwork practices, code verifications, production implementations, and standards.


We excel in designing or redesigning systems with:

  • Multi-node architecture featuring high availability/fault tolerance.

  • Continuous testing and software delivery.

  • Architectural paradigms such as microservices, monolithic, or a hybrid approach.


We offer:

  • Comprehensive application platform solutions tailored for both containerized and non-containerized applications, compatible with Windows and Linux environments.

  • Task automation systems.

  • Clustered relational databases fortified with high availability and fault tolerance mechanisms, with dedicated support from the programming side.


Our approach involves comprehensive analysis of the current state, focusing on key areas for improvement rather than addressing issues piecemeal. We strategically align process changes and technology architectures with core business processes. Our methodology prioritizes activities and emphasizes short change delivery cycles. We emphasize the importance of organizing processes before automation, recognizing software products, whether developed in-house or by third parties, as tools to fulfill needs rather than ends in themselves.


We make informed technological decisions driven by necessity rather than fleeting trends, whether it involves choosing between monolithic or microservices architectures, synchronous or asynchronous communications, or other considerations. We conduct thorough analyses of application code architectures, evaluating the suitability of communication methods, network protocols, and the utilization of operating system threads.

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