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In this section you will find resource to familiarize with Onteon Tech products and services.

Onteon performance comparison

Look at the performance of applications on Onteon vs Kubernetes


Here you will find featured content we prepare for our customers and the IT community.


Get more technical knowledge how to work with applications on Onteon and use our products.

How to migrate from K8S to Onteon

Learn how to migrate applications prepared with Helm for Kubernetes to Onteon platform

Tutorial for developers.

From monolith to microservices

Learn how to migrate monolith applications to distributed ones, without Kubernetes.

Tutorial for developers.

Infinite Data

Learn how Onteon Tech helped automation platform to achieve high availability, regardless of target deployment environment.

Alior Bank

Read how Onteon Tech helped Alior Bank to split the processes and run them under the control  of microservices platform.

Success Stories

Read about some implementations of Onteon Tech technologies


Watch how Onteon can support applications on ARM devices.

Watch more videos


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