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Self-hosted open source products

Onteon Tech makes it easy for you to run open source software in your infrastructure. With our packaging we shorten your time to use it and simplify architecture. Additionally with our packaging we make it more reliable and highly-available.

Easy to use

Watch how easy it is to install and launch self-hosted software.

Just a few clicks and you can use it.


Read the information specific to each software. We hope you will find all answers there.


Go and buy directly from us. If you need customization, we are ready to deliver it to you.

Fast and simple

Install and use products anywhere you want with the minimum steps required. Don't bother with "installation prerequisites", just launch the installer.

Always on

The technology used guarantee maximum uptime, self-healing and high availability for your applications.

No cloud lock

Use the software in any infrastructure - Bare metal or virtual machine, on-premises or cloud. No Kubernetes and deep knowledge necessary.

Choose from the list of available products or bring your software product you want to sell or use. We will make it manageable and highly available for you and your customers.

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Offline installation

Secure installation without connection to the Internet. No need to download dependencies or Docker.

Health checking

Continuous supervision of active applications keeps them up and running, creating a more stable environment.


There are no restrictions for development languages. Use single tool for all the applications your business needs.

No need to install Docker

Reduce your resources usage by avoiding unnecessary layers.

All applications

We can prepare managed products with any applications, legacy, native or containerized.

Better control

In case of more containers we monitor and provide health checking for each one separately. Unlike in docker compose.

Native OS processes

Run not only applications but any process on your OS that you want to manage.

Simpler configuration

All configuration files in one known location.


All logs in one known place. No need to dig in containers.

High availability

Available for single node or clustered systems.

Short and simple

Shorten installation time and reduce number of steps required.

Easy to move/clean

Everything is installed in one directory only.


We can help you make your product managed and self-hosted, for you or for your customers. Talk to us to learn how you can benefit by using our technologies with your software.

We use our technologies like Onteon and JLupin Platform, bring their benefits and make them transparent for you. We can also provide custom code and integrations.

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