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Hetman is an automation tool dedicated for teams that need to get rid of manual scheduling and monitoring execution of tasks or groups of tasks. Tasks could be any scripts, programs or containers triggered. Hetman is based on Onteon which gives high availability, health checking and self-healing for Hetman services. It can be scaled to many nodes, many tasks and jobs.

With Hetman you:

  • execute scripts, programs or containers, anything you can run in operating system

  • gain full control over execution by tracing custom success codes

  • have high availability of the Hetman services provided by Onteon

  • have simple upgrade option to uncover new capabilities

  • can run native Java code by just pasting code to the task

  • have logs after each job execution which are sent to defined destination

  • define timeouts, retries and other parameters of tasks important for you

Example scenarios
  • Hetman serves as Cyber Bunker controlling all tasks necessary to provide safe place for your corporate data, far from your data centers, with additional security mechanisms. Use your existing hardware and backup software, let us do the rest

  • Give Hetman the right to power down hardware out of compute hours to cut infrastructure costs

Learn more

Go and read Hetman installation documentation

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