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Custom software development

Onteon Tech deliver services in dev and ops areas. Our goal is to learn or uncover the issues customers face, analyze, architecture, build and deploy final solutions.
We tend to use our own products and custom development, however we also use other tools and applications available on the market, mainly open source.

We deliver:

  • Current state of application architecture, dependencies between systems and changes to optimize costs and increase organizational efficiency

  • Preparation of applications for migration (incl. the cloud), risk analysis, containerization

  • Building modern on-premise application environments

  • Modernization of applications, refactoring, transition from monoliths to microservices, including 'legacy' (e.g. JBoss, Tomcat, WebSphere)

  • Building business applications in a modern microservices architecture, where, in addition to development teams, we provide know-how on how to build them optimally within the assumed framework and budget

  • Building middleware, ESB, Digital Integration Platform class solutions in modern microservices and distributed architecture

  • Arranging processes for releasing changes and implementing internally developed and externally acquired applications

  • Reducing infrastructure costs by modernizing

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