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Onteon is a software stack for orchestrating, scaling, communicating and managing modern and legacy applications -

native and containerized, efficiently and effortlessly.

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Onteon is a lightweight alternative to Kubernetes, capable of managing containerized and native applications as well, unlike Kubernetes. It has built-in service mesh and encryption. Regardless of the target environment (on-premise, public cloud) it speeds up upgrade and development processes. Onteon runs on Windows and Linux, also aarch64 architecture. It is not resource-intensive, making it suitable for IoT/edge applications modernization projects. Built into the platform, the mechanisms for reliability, inter-application communication, encryption or application scattering, efficient use of hardware resources, performance optimization and the ability to integrate with other tools already owned by customers, significantly reduce the duration of projects, as well as save project and maintenance costs.

Onteon platform architecture

Why, what issues do Onteon solve?

Onteon Tech with their services delivered with Onteon technology support customers journey eliminating their issues

I have old hardware in my facilities

I need to reuse hardware I already have to meet new business requirements, particularly in edge locations. But it has insufficient resources for new applications, I can’t manage it the way business expects.

I pay more in the cloud and didn’t get advantage

Cloud didn't meet the promise. Still I have to have skilled people, I have to pay even more. I would like to repatriate from cloud but keep cloud agility in my infrastructure.

Energy costs are going up

I pay more for maintenance of existing servers, no matter if on-premise or in the cloud. And I don’t have more budget.

I don’t have enough people with adequate skills

New tools require totally new skills. It’s about knowing “bunch of tools”, not a particular one. It’s new learning curve. I need to invest time and money in people. There is shortage of skilled people on the market. If found, I can’t afford paying them.

Costs of hardware and software in my projects grows exponentially

I need to spend more and more on hardware and software to run new agile architectures that allows me to respond to business requirements. Advantages of new architectures are melted with additional costs.

I couldn’t get rid of technology debt (legacy)

I have critical applications I need to modernize them and develop. Replacing them is too costly - investment in development from scratch, totally new infrastructure, migration costs, risks of a “big change”. Cloud-native tools are not adequate.

Onteon performance comes from simplicity and well thought architecture

Onteon Kubernetes performance comparison

Learn more

Learn more by reading the documentation, tutorials, performance comparisons, watching videos or downloading and playing with Onteon.

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